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World Vision – Nicaragua Update

Love in Action: Add Impact Restores a water well for the school children of San Lorenzo Boaco, Nicaragua – World Vision Update

“Where there is water, there is life”

For you and I fortunate to be living in North America, clean water is just a matter of turning on and off a tap.  It is a simple act with not much thought involved.  It’s at our finger-tips when we need it, with no question if our next sip from the sink will make us or our cherished family members sick. World Vision is working to change that.

Something as simple as access to clean water is a luxury in many developing countries, where dirty water can cause great illness and potentially, death.  For the children at the Miguel Larreynaga School located in San Lorenzo Boaco, Nicaragua, access to clean water is jeopardized, due to the water well malfunctioning.   The school’s well pumping system had broken, and was no longer able to fill up the water tanks.

Add Impact was able to help the children of Miguel Larreynaga School by donating the money raised during its 2017 campaign, focused on helping children in Nicaragua.
Through internally-run social events, such as bake sales and raffles, over $3,000.00 was raised.  This money was donated to World Vision to restore the well Miguel Larreynaga School, so it will continue to provide clean water to the children.

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